Whether we play a large or small role, by working together we achieve our objectives.

Selection Process

Identify Need & Develop Position Description
Recruitment Planning
Sourcing & Advertising
Assess & Interview Candidates
Offer for Student Employment
Onboarding for Success

Recruitment We Do

The first step involved in the recruitment process is planning. Here, planning involves to draft a comprehensive job specification for the vacant position, outlining its major and minor responsibili­ties; the skills, experience and qualifications needed; grade and level of pay; starting date; whether temporary or permanent; and mention of special conditions, if any, attached to the job to be filled ”
Once the job description and ideal job candidate outline are prepared, the we will have a clearer picture of what is demanded. We can then start to analyse the most appropriate source for recruitment.Sourcing we do in the following methods
Media Advertisement
Educational Institutions or Campus Placement
We sort resumes to disqualify candidates using successively more detailed examinations of the resumes. The objective is to locate the most qualified candidates for an open job.Interview them to get the best one for the role.
Follow up the Forwarded Candidates for the Main Interview with the HR and Update the Results and let them know.

Candidate Cv



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Applied For the Position

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